Despite the uncertainty and economic turbulence of 2020, last year saw unprecedented activity across all fronts. According to Pitchbook and NVCA, there were 139 IPOs (the most since 2014), 250 SPACs—one of the main alternatives to traditional IPOs (with 5X growth year over year) and more than 700 US-based mergers or acquisitions (M&A)
However, there are a lot of Private companies that may not be ready or fit as an acquisition for PLYN.

Facilitating An Acquisition

The Company has well-planned strategies to handle the issues.

  • The Company has access to Executives and resources available for hire to assist privately held companies to access capital markets and/or become publicly traded.

  • Whether a direct acquisition or through referral to an affiliate, PLYN can assist business owners in seeking succession strategies, including selling their businesses while maximizing returns from the sale.

Driving the Process

Of the most complicated steps in the acquisition process is properly structuring the deal.

  • There are many factors to be considered, such as antitrust laws, securities regulations, corporate law, rival bidders, tax implications, accounting issues, market conditions, forms of financing, and specific negotiation points in the deal itself.

  • PLYN has the access to a knowledge base and resource pool for hire to execute these steps and help prepare the structure of the deal including documentation.