Gold prices and gold mining companies have been soaring since the mid-2018 slump—and are trending towards the highs not seen since 2011’s record performance. Palayan Resources is focused on gold mining opportunities in Kazakhstan—the 15th largest gold mining country in the world and the 3rd largest in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
Palayan Resources

As an exploration company focused on finding and developing world-class gold deposits, Palayan Resources has positioned itself to capitalize on the opportunities to be found in Kazakhstan—enhanced by a team with extensive experience in mining and in-country government and business connections. While it is still considered a frontier market, Kazakhstan is the world's leading producer of uranium and top ten producer of copper and a major producer of gold and other minerals—with the advantage of easy exports to markets in adjacent China and to Europe. Another advantage of Kazakhstan is has not had significant modern mineral exploration for 30 years, and as it sits in the center of the "Central Asia Orogenic Zone", there is huge potential for large mineral discoveries in the near future.

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Palayan Resources, Inc.’s mission is to locate and acquire large gold deposits globally.
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